Alkimya Spain Consultants is a Spanish multidisciplinary group that provides a complete range of consultancy services for the building, architecture and urban sectors.It takes its name from an Arabic word that, in modern Spanish, has kept its metaphorical meaning of obtaining a unique result from the combination of different elements. This is precisely our value: the union of our different skills and creativity gives a far better response to client’s needs than if they tackle their project part by part.


The department was created by the merger of two firms with more than 30 years extensive experience in architecture, interior design and urban planning projects.

We have developed Architectural projects during the last 30 years, providing extensive experience in architectural, interior design and urban planning projects.

Our main aim is to provide the client with a comprehensive architecture, project management and interior design service, taking charge of every stage of the project, as well as technical and administrative management. This offers added value in terms of the guaranteed quality of the final product.

To this end, we focus our knowledge and efforts on your complete satisfaction and the utmost quality, with ongoing personalizad service and professionalism.


  • Arch. José Luis Galán Peña
  • Principal Director
  • Arch. Fernando Ruiz Bernal
  • Principal Director
  • Arch. Fernando de la Peña Martínez
  • Managing Director
  • Arch. Norberto Sevilla
  • Technical Manager
  • Srch. Lucas Galán Lubascher
  • Principal Architect
  • Dr. Rana M. AlKadi
  • Principal Architect
  • Arch. Jaime Alonso
  • Principal Architect
  • Arch. Luis Garcia Vinuesa
  • Principal Architect


Are highly specialized in electromechanical projects, with over 10 years experience in Spain, KSA and beyond.


This department is highly specialized in the realization of engineering projects and construction management withover 10 years experience.

The direction and coordination are led by three professionals of recognized prestige in the complex world ofengineering. They have a personal experience of more than 30 years in the sector.


  • Eng. Juan Travesí Cabetas
  • Expert in Energy Technologies and Mechanical Facilities
  • Eng. Felipe Cicujano Carrión
  • Expert in Electrical systems and Lighting
  • Eng. Ernesto Díaz Carballo
  • Expert in Electrical systems and Hospitable Engineering


Provides highly skilled professional services in the civil engineering field. It was founded in 2004 and its partners, with 20 years of experience, form a highly qualified multidisciplinary team that includes PhDs, university teachers and researchers.

We provide structural, materials analysis and geotechnical highly skilled professional services, having achieved great respect in the Civil Engineering field. We want to be a market leader for our expertise and excellence in engineering and multidisciplinary consultancy. We have enjoyed exemplary career and stand out in the Spanish market being a growing force in the International arena. The areas of activity include sectors as:

  • Roads
  • Railways
  • Building
  • Industrial Works
  • Metropolitan Systems
  • Harbor and Coasts
  • Underground structures
  • Hydraulic Works and water Management
  • Historic Heritage

We are an active partner of the professional community of Consultants, Engineers and Architects, as well as Member of Colleges and National and International Associations, maintaining close links with the University and research centers and participatng actively in Spanish and European reference research organizations such as the International Union of Railways (UIC), Association Mondiale de la Route (PIARC) ó Asociación Científico Técnica del Hormigón (ACHE, Technical-Scientific Concrete Association).


  • Jose Antonio Martin-Caro Alamo
  • Director . Civil Engineer
  • José Luis Martínez Martínez
  • Principal Director . Civil Engineer
  • Illan Paniagua Serrano
  • Managing Director . Engineer


Is a high-tech façade consultancy founded in 1999 to provide design of non-traditional façades and ensure quality control in the execution.

The Façade Engineering department constitutes a high-tech façade consultancy team that started business in 1999 to respond to the demand of architects and developers to provide the design of nontraditional façades and to promote quality in the execution of these.

We offer quality, innovation and objectivity, which are reflected in our professional development, adapted to meet the customer’s needs at all times. We aim to offer all customers confidence in our knowledge and independence in the world of façades.

The team is mainly formed by architects with specialized technical training which allows an easy and close dialogue with the design team, always taking into account façades and roof technical requirements.


  • Jesús M. Cerezo
  • Miguel A. Núñez Díaz
  • Ángel Mateo Marcos Núñez


has more than 20 years of experience in high quality and special landscape design projects. Its works range from small private gardens to city parks, as well as master plans, environmental treatment and restoration of historic

This team was born with an international vocation in 1990 and is devoted to the planning, design and management of landscaping and environmental treatment projects, along with the study and research of all kind of cultural landscapes.

Our scope comprises a wide range: from actions in the historical heritage to projects for small size private gardens, public spaces, metropolitan parks, master planning, management plans, historical research, assesment, publishing… both for public and institutional/private use.

Our clients are typically public and private developers, cultural management companies and asset management firms.


  • Monica Luengo Añón
  • Sara Carreras Herrero


Is a 25 years of experience expert in natural and artificial light in architecture who also teaches lighting projects and electric systems in the Architecture School in Madrid, Politechnic University.

The team is lead by Ignacio Valero, a very well known lighting consultant and senior teacher of lighting projects and electrical systems in the Architecture School at the Polytechnic University in Madrid.

Ignacio Valero is an expert in natural and
artificial light in architecture, with an environmentally responsible insight.His work spans to a wide range of lighting requirements, concerning state-of-the-arts technology. Clients includearchitecture firms, private properties and contractors.

Lighting design is both technical and artistic, both engineering and design. It also involves many different fields and project sizes, from small event lighting to permanent large-scale urban lighting. It is linked to architecture, but also to facilities engineering and interior design. Furthermore, it is based on incredibly fast changing technology that faces the challenges of sustainability and human well-being. Therefore, methodology is a priority in order to match lighting design plans to the specific requirements of each design brief. Our seven-stage approach allows us to fully adapt our design skills to the demands of each individual project.

We provide a complete range of lighting design services.

  • Architectural Lighting DesignComplete projects for a wide range of facilities types: museums, offices, corporate buildings and sports facilities, among others
  • Natural Light ConsultancyOur approach to natural light is comprehensive: from feasibility to light guiding, including solar shields, from architecture issues to energy issues, including the building envelope. We use the latest software for computer simulations, as well as scale models and full scale mock ups.
  • Custom Luminaire DesignTailor-made representative lighting fixtures when required.
  • Energy Efficient Technical Consulting for LightingTechnical, energy and financial assessment of lighting solutions
  • Urban LightingUrban lighting master planning and singular outdoor lighting projects.


was founded in 1980 and is recognized nationally and internationally as one of the most important companies in conducting global design projects in the fields of visual identity, signage systems, organization of events and exhibitions and editorial graphic design.

Alkimyas Graphic Design services are rendered by a team that has been working from 1980 and is recognized nationally and internationally as one of the most robust and efficient teams in conducting global design projects in the fields of visual identity, signage systems, organization of events and exhibitions and editorial graphic design.

This department has worked and works for practically all major Spanish companies and public institutions, many of them with great international impact. Of particular significance was the overall image of International Monetary Fund Assembly and the World Bank Group in Madrid or the main graphic guideline of the Spanish Presidency of the European Union in 2010, and in the approach of the Spanish candidature for the 2016 Olympic Games in Madrid.

The team has achieved a leading status in the development of complex design projects with great satisfaction of the clients and has received confidence by both governmental and private agencies; customers have been recognized with international awards in the U.S., Great Britain and Spain.

With these important achievements, obtained thanks to the quality policy that supports us, we are convinced that
we can develop the most valuable and complex projects for our clients, from the early stages of study, design,
monitoring of projects to completion.


  • Emilio GIl
  • José Herencia
  • Enrique Helguera
  • Esther Marcos
  • Jorge García


The six members of Alkimya offer a range of consultancy services that covers all clients needs. Based in Madrid, they have developed a long and well known…



ALKIMIA Spain Consultants


Renovation of former “Banco de España” for Offices in Almeria

482 dwellings, REGHAIABOURADA, Algiers

108 Dwellings, MENORCA, Madrid

295 Dwellings, MENDEZ ÁLVARO, Madrid